Kings School of Ministry (KSM) offers a dynamic combination of hands on ministry experience, formal education and biblical studies to prepare students for effectiveness in life and ministry.

It is our conviction that ministry is primarily learned through experience. In this program our student have the opportunity to intern and glean from our highly qualified and experienced pastoral staff and team leaders. Internships are available in the following areas:


Creative (Music and Media)

Generations (Children’s, Youth, and Young Adults)

Experience (Ushers, Greeters and Security)

Discipleship (Life Groups and Pastoral Care)

Impact (Community engagement, events, bus ministry etc)


For the formal education component we are partnered with Northwest University, which offers degrees with the highest level of accreditation. Our goal is that by the time our students finishes our two year program they will have an Associates Degree in their chosen area of study. For Students who already have their associates, Bachelors degrees are also available.